Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Guild 01 Post of "I Wonder If It'll Get Released Outside Japan..."

2012 looks like it will be the year that the 3DS really starts to strut its stuff with regards to third party releases, especially when it comes to RPGs.  Up to this point, pickings have been very slim for fans of the genre, with Devil Summoner Overclocked, and Tales of the Abyss being about the only games to choose from to get our role-playing fix.  However, in the coming months there are a deluge of new RPGs hitting the 3DS in Japan: Rune Factory 4, Etrian Odyssey IV, Heroes of Ruin, Code of Princess, and several others.  One that has caught my eye in particular is Level-5's Guild 01.

Granted this game isn't 100% RPGs, as it's a compilation of four separate games, with only a couple of them being in the genre.  Nevertheless, it's a very interesting package, and it certainly has itself an impressive mix of individuals working on it.  At the top of the list for me is Yasumi Matsuno, most well known for the Ogre Battle series.  Here he's making what looks to be something very much based on old school pen and paper RPGs with Crimson Shroud.  It's a very interesting thing to see in games because we don't really come across this often, and about the closest that I can think of off the top of my head for a similar sort of game is the Culdcept series with its board game elements.  Other than that, PnP RPGs don't really manifest themselves in a way like this on consoles or PC.  So, I'm very interested to see just how well this will come together.  Can the game stand on these elements alone?  I know one of the big draws to PnP games is the fact that you're at the same table as your friends playing these games.  That aspect won't be here for this game, so I am a bit curious how that will impact the experience.

The other RPG on the compilation, Rental Bukiya de Omasse, I'm not quite sure what to make of, really.  It's being headed up by Yoshiyuki Hirai, who is a comedian, and someone that I'm not familiar with, so I really have no idea what to expect.  I'd imagine given his comedy background that silliness may well ensue in the game's story, but other than that, who knows!  I'm always up for a game with a sense of humor, though, so I'd like to take it for a spin nonetheless.

Then we have the other two games on the compilation, Kaihou Shoujo and Air Porter, neither of which are RPGs, but that's fine.  I do play other genres besides RPGs after all (I just choose not to blog about them here!).  Both look interesting, but I can see myself playing Air Porter more if only because I do like me some puzzle games now and again, and from what very little I've seen of the game in action it looks strangely appealing.  Kaihou Shoujo will still get some love from me, though, if for no other reason than it being a Suda51 game.

I guess the big question will be whether this collection of games even sees a Western release.  I haven't heard anything of the sort just yet, but I really hope it does.  It has a bunch of interesting games that I'd love to spend some time with.  If not, I guess I'll finally have to start looking into getting a Japanese 3DS to import along with this game.  I figured that day would come eventually, and maybe it's almost upon me.

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